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School Carnival and Food Truck Frenzy

Friday April 28th at 5:00

Come out for food and games.

    Yearbooks Yearbooks Yearbooks Yearbooks

There are only 56 Soft Covered Yearbooks available.  Don't wait until last minute.  They are for sale for $25 each and when they are gone we won't be able to get any more. 
Cash or money order only.  NO CHECKS.

Are You Returning Letters: 
All Kindergarten through 5th graders received Are You Returning Letters.  If you haven't turned it in yet, please turn it in now.  The original deadline was April 12th.

Attn. 6th Grade Parents:  Verification of the Pertussis vaccine must be provided to your school BEFORE your child will be considered for 7th grade school placement or be allowed to attend school in August.  Verification was due by February 28th.

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construction banner

Construction Update

The construction on the main building is moving along.  All of our students had the opportunity to put on hard hats and vest and receive a tour of the inside.  they observed plumbing being installed, walls being constructed, and workers using the scissor lift to reach high places.  Brad Cartwright, Superintendent with Clark/Sullivan Construction, gave the tour and taught students how math, listening to directions, arriving to work on time, and getting along with others was important on a construction site.  Students also signed sheet rock that will forever hang in the library.  I would like to extend sincere gratitude to the Clark/Sullivan team for purchasing hard hats and vest and organizing their schedule to make this event happen.

Officer G and Ms. BMs. Tigertimg1738img1740img1741img1742img1743Ms. Carol and Ms. Dunneimg1736img1739img1748img1752img1744

Officer G and Ms. B

Ms. Tigert

Ms. Carol and Ms. Dunne

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School Site Council

Two parents have volunteered to be representatives on School Site Council. School Site Council is comprised of parents and staff to meet to discuss school needs and give feedback for improvement.  Jasmin Ruiz Rodriguez is the mother of a kindergarten student and second grade student. Shawnee Tassitsie Hernandez is the mother of a transitional kinder and third grade student. Even though these parents have graciously volunteered, we legally have to offer a vote to parents. Please follow the link below to cast your vote. Thank  you.

Dos de nuestros padres se han ofrecido a ser voluntarias para asistir en nuestro sitio escolar. Nuestro consejo educativo se reunira con estos padres y miembros de nuestra escuela para discutir las necesidades de nuestra escuela y juntos mejorar nuestro sito escolar. Jasmin Ruiz Rodrigues y Shawnee Tassitise Hernandez son los padres que se han hecho disponibles para ser voluntarias y los hijos de ambas son estudiantes de nuestra escuela, Claudia Landeen. Aun que estas dos madres se han ofrecido a ser voluntarias, es nuestro deber ofrecer un voto de todos nuestros padres para que Jasmin y Shawnee puedan ser representantes de nuestra escuela, Claudia Landeen. Favor de seguir el link de internet para dar su voto.  Grancias.
Veronica Tigert

School Of Choice Letter - 2015

Our school receives Title I funds from the federal government. We use these funds to provide extra services and materials to enhance the educational programs for our students performing below grade level. Read the School of Choice Letter.

Escuela de Carta Choice - 2015
Nuestra escuela recibe fondos del Título I del gobierno federal. Usamos estos fondos para proporcionar servicios y materiales adicionales con el fin de mejorar los programas educativos para nuestros estudiantes que rinden por debajo del nivel de grado. Lea la Escuela de Carta.