Counselor's Corner

Our 8th Grade, Mariner Middle Schoolers will officially register for 9th grade classes next Tuesday, March 7th and Wednesday, March 8th. Please make sure that students arrive to Landeen on time so they don’t miss anytime registering for classes to Lincoln High School.


Student Success Tip: Succeeding at Studying and Test Taking

·      Students should study hard!

o   Review test notes and materials by talking out loud.

o   Write test information over and over again.

o   Parents, big sisters/brothers or friends should quiz students.

·      Students can figure out which study method works best for them.

o   Alone?

o   With friends?

·      Students should choose study partners who are exceptional in each subject.

(101 Ways To Do Better In School by Penny Colman).


3 things that parents can talk to their children about on their way home!

o   Who did you talk to today at lunch?

o   How’s (insert a friend’s or teacher’s name.)

o   What was your biggest challenge today? How did you resolve it or make it better?